Plan to Manifest by Steph Perez

Plan to Manifest

Instructional Workbook.  

The 8 steps in this workbook are designed to help you intentionally plan & map out your incoming cash flow & promotions for the entire year!  

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Are You Ready To Manifest Results This Year?

Women who create six figure businesses & beyond do so by getting insanely clear & getting intentional.

Your business is made up of several elements:

  • Cash flow opportunities
  • Marketing
  • Vision
  • Clarity
  • Action
(just to name a few...)

And then those things need to get planned out  - versus "piece-mealing" it together or doing whatever "feels good" day by day.

Business that way is really difficult.  You benefit in a major way by having a plan - and the good news is - YOU GET TO CREATE IT with some amazing guidance!

Question: When was the last time you had your entire 'incoming cash flow plan' planned out for an entire year?

Never?  Well Plan to Manifest - Instructional Workbook is for you because it will help you chart the path, starting with all the places your money will flow in from.

Business Planning - This Way - Provides a Real Framework for Consistent Growth & Allows You To Create & Build With More Ease, Flow & Downtime!

Plan to Manifest - Your 2021 Instructional Workbook was created to help you plan your incoming CASH FLOW  for the entire year ahead, so you have a real leveling up blueprint to follow & refer back to.

You'll answer some very important questions about your business and actually "fill in the blanks" with all the important details needed to create an intentional business by design, set up to call in the cash flow!  

Some of the steps we'll walk through together are often overlooked and could add several "dollars" to your bottom line if you knew to do them.

Imagine that moment when you realize that your business is running like a savvy 24/7/365 machine & your stress levels are at an all time low.  You realize you're manifesting real results & it's all because you decided to get intentional and proactive about your business...!?
Grab Plan to Manifest for $21 While Available

Plan to Manifest Is 8 Intentional Steps You'll Be Guided Through Completing To Help You Embark on a Mind Blowing Year of Results!

This instructional workbook IS 20 pages of GOLD!  You'll begin mapping things out from page #4.  You're going to be amazed at the plan you'll create for yourself and how you'll be empowered for the year ahead!

Meet The Girl Behind The Workbook!

I know how I market, so you likely already know so much about me.  I'm ya' girl Steph Perez and in 2021 I'm launching a brand new brand:!

The vision, mission & heart behind MANIFESTSIX is to help women manifest the six figure business already inside of them by providing expansive & truly inspiring mentorship opportunities!

It's seriously time to level up our money game but we can't just talk about it - we have to be about it - and that comes by equipping ourselves with the knowledge, skill, inspiration, empowerment & real talk needed!

You don't need more free generic info - you need guidance, direction, mentorship, accountability & the brilliance already inside you!

I'm so excited to welcome this *BRAND NEW* instructional workbook into your life & business so you go into 2021 ARMED with a real MONEY plan because it's time out for just "not knowing!"

Purchase for only $21 for a limited time...
Grab Plan to Manifest for $21 While Available

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