Goal Setting Workshop by Steph Perez

Goal Setting Workshop

Learn how to adapt this empowering goal setting formula that will help you set goals that matter AND help you actually hit them. 

You'll be able to take what you learn in this workshop & use it for your continued journey to help you level up, year after year.

(It's time to end goal setting overwhelm & frustration!)

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Why I Do What I Do...

Steph... You have totally changed my view of business and how it works.  I am so excited of this new business plan! I feel for the first time I have a future.  You have changed my life! I can't thank you enough. If I continued on my present course, I would have been bankrupt very, very soon!
Branden K.
I am truly grateful for your mentorship & the wonderful person you are in wanting to truly help others.  Your systems are truly amazing for not just the newbies out there, like myself, but anyone.  
Megan B.
"I would invest my last dollar into Steph's training.  I purchased The Goal Setting Workshop and it was EVERYTHING!"
Cecilia M.

Steph Perez Helps You CASH IN On You! Welcome to the Party...

If you know you were called for more & know there's knowledge inside of you, you're desiring to finally monetize, you're in the right place.  Allow me to share &  open up opportunities to help you manifest the business inside you, leveraging the wonders of the internet 🤩  (pssst...my systems are DOPE!)

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