Create #MOE - Self Study Library by Steph Perez

Create #MOE - Self Study Library

This online business learning  program was created for those who seek to create their own economies, through online business ownership and not have their businesses dependent on one company, product or service, but to really own their own businesses!

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I've said this time and time again on various live streams and videos & the fact is...

It's time to take your ideas, knowledge, skills, and passions and learn profitable online business strategies so that you can build your very own online business & begin cashing in on the major boom ahead of us!

Create#MOE is a brilliant opportunity to get access to real online business training & support while building your business & creating your brand new way of earning... take you from IDEA...TO CLARITY...TO CONFIDENCE...TO PAID!

This is EXACTLY what I wish I had, when I was getting started in my online business many years ago because it would have saved me TONS of overall frustration, time and money!

This online business training program will help you understand everything you should know as you venture into building a profitable online business for yourself...

...helping you learn the processes, systems and  strategies needed to build a successful business using the internet that can really set you free when you know what to do.

I created this program because I wanted to provide excellent instruction & guidance so you can finally see the path to online business success clearly.

Regardless of product, service or offer, if you desire to use the internet to build a business, you need to know what I cover in this training program because it's "the stuff" that has kept me in business for over 13 years now.

I've seen countless people fail pretty miserably because they tried to 'wing it' without ever learning 'what it really takes' to make it as an online business owner.
Nuff Said! I'm Ready to Enroll Right Now!


You are getting ready to dive into an amazing learning experience (as if you were sitting right in my home,) as I break down step by step, what it takes to build an online business not just for today, but for the long term, starting from the fundamentals right down to what it takes to run your business on a daily basis to generate leads and make sales...

1. Immediate access to Steph's 11 Module Online Business Training Program (where you'll learn step by step how to build out your entire business and monetize it like a BOSS!) 

2. Revenue Blueprints (Affiliate, Info Products, Knowledge, Coaching)

3. Companion templates, guides, swipes, checklists, resources

4. Monthly Office Hours (show up and ask your questions)

5. Your Own Customized Business Plan Road Map

6. Resources


*SPECIAL SAVINGS* (Pay in FULL & save $$$ on your enrollment, gain INSTANT lifetime access +  snag a complimentary 1:1 strategy session to kick things off!)


Everyone is teaching you "things," but hardly anyone is helping you tie it all together or giving you a big picture understanding so you actually build a long term business you own and control.

Everyone is teaching to THEIR agenda to get you selling their thing, not yours! 

This doesn't SOLELY equip you for long term success and it doesn't help you build the business YOU really desire to build for yourself.

You have to learn to be independent and DO for yourself - essentially learn how to create income out of an idea - not something you merely join and promote to make a quick buck.  

Those opportunities might present themselves as an added boost every now and then but they should not be our foundation if the focus is long term sustainability.

In 13 years I've experienced many 'temporary' financial windfalls only to be let down and have to start over again when that windfall stopped.

I'm here, teaching from experience, the strategies I have learned that have helped me finally build a stable business leveraging digital marketing skills and simple resources and tools of the internet.

My focus and goal is to teach you how to become self reliant by UNDERSTANDING the complete flow of the business you are building and help you understand and even learn profitable online business and digital marketing strategies that pay! know how to incorporate elements, systems, processes and flows that enable you to be in ultimate control of your business and the income models & streams within your business.

To know your business is NEVER dependent on one company, product, service or relationship. 

And to ultimately know, your business starts with you!

I've learned where to focus and how to use smart business models, income streams and strategies to build a stable long term business that I can literally run from anywhere.

If you want to build your own house, learning how to install cabinets or lay flooring is just PART OF IT.

Just like learning how to run ads is just part of a successful online business.

I want to help you think through your business and know exactly what you are building for yourself because there is no such thing as 'one size fits all' when it comes to this industry.


When you learn how to develop this understanding, it prevents you from falling for trendy gimmicks or "get rich quick" schemes or "opportunities."

...and let me make this perfectly clear - there is nothing wrong with reaching your financial goals or even "getting rich" quickly...

But you want to make sure you do so on a stable foundation so it's built to last.

Anything less than this, leaves you constantly chasing opportunity and money.

Instead, you want to learn how to strategically pursue your business & financial goals and this involves having simple blueprints, plans, road maps, systems, strategy and processes in place to get you there.

Haphazardly hopping around and chasing "the dream," will get you running in the same circle year after year.

Creating your own economy is about control...YOUR control over as much of your business as possible.

From idea, to implementation to outcome!

You are going to learn how to think through, build and set up a complete business for the long term that you can own and control with confidence.

💥 What Others Are Saying About My Training...

...but wait (there's more!)

"I am so excited to have joined this program. Thanks Steph!  I am growing so much in this course. Go CREATE#MOE team!"
Allen Harper
"The value of what you are teaching is amazing! I'm so glad I jumped in during beta."
Chris Nault
"The program is fantastic! I've spent THOUSANDS on training and Steph's is the best so far!" 
T-Michael B.
Steph... You have totally changed my view of business and how it works.  I am so excited of this new business plan! I feel for the first time I have a future.  You have changed my life! I can't thank you enough. If I continued on my present course, I would have been bankrupt very, very soon!
Branden K.
"There is so much content in your training. I've learned so much and have gained more confidence!"
Donnette D.
I am truly grateful for your mentorship & the wonderful person you are in wanting to truly help others.  Your systems are truly amazing for not just the newbies out there, like myself, but anyone. 
Megan Black
I am so happy i joined CreateMOE!  Getting ready to lay down after a double shift and I have been doing the training on my over nights and its just what i needed.  I thought it was going to be too much for me but I am getting it!   You are giving your all, thank you so much.
Deb W.
"...your training videos are MONEY! Thank you..."
Natalie C.
"Your training is GOLD!  I feel so grateful to have listened to my provide so much value for growth."
Mayra B.


I love sharing the "good things" people have said about me & my training(s) but here's the real deal...

What really matters is what you decide to do with the information & training!
I would love to see you come inside, learn what is here, apply it, commit to mastery and begin to create your own unique level of success...

Because the fact is...YOU can absolutely do it!

*SPECIAL SAVINGS* (Pay in FULL & save $$$ on your enrollment, gain INSTANT lifetime access +  snag a complimentary 1:1 strategy session to kick things off!)
Alright. Let's Do This Steph!

(...a little "p.s...")

Here are some things we are going to focus on and master as I help you strategically create your own economy...

💎 The best approach when getting started making it possible for anyone to get started and begin earning!

💎 What to do with all the things & all the moving parts...

💎 How to create & use content that drives business...

💎 How to create your business systems

💎 How to know exactly what your customer needs & how to deliver it

💎 How to REALLY plan your profits

💎 How to choose smart monetization opportunities for your business that fit your agenda...

💎 How to adapt long term affiliate marketing strategies for your business

💎 How to become an instant consultant or coach to increase your cash flow right away, even if you're new

💎 How to get your business out there, seen & discovered on a daily basis by people who need or want what you have to offer...

💎 How to sell and sell more without relying on family, friends, or spamming the internet...

💎 How to use the various platforms online and how to even get certified if you desire...

💎 Strategies that allow you to control your money MORE (meaning less people touching your money before it reaches your bank!)

💎 How to develop REAL WORK ETHIC to create the success you desire.

(I'm here to help you learn how to do the work in your business NOT how to sit on the beach hoping money will magically be attracted to you. Attraction works when strategy is applied first!)  

💎 How to develop the long term business mindset...

💎 How to create a monetized flow in your business, where opportunity & money leads to MORE opportunity & money pretty effortlessly...

💎 Learn online business strategies every business online should implement...

💎 How to build your very own email list and your very own DAILY traffic source...

💎 How to take what you know and what you learn to create MORE opportunity for yourself...

💎 How to earn smart affiliate income that fits your business agenda...

(this is the passive stuff so many talk about.)

💎 Supportive checklists, pdfs and guides to help you 'do the work.'

💎...and so much more + bonuses, bonuses and more bonuses!

I want this to be a very strong foundation for you that you leverage to support your online business growth!

My agenda is clear: to help you build YOUR business, not mine. 

I'm using what I teach in this program to build my own business using the same strategies I am laying out for you!

When I kissed my boss goodbye, I never went back because I never had to.

I believe in words like:  sustainability, evergreen, long term, stable, strategy.

Those are a few things that have kept me boss free and growing each year as a digital marketing entrepreneur who creates her own opportunities at will and doesn't have to rely on any one company, product or service.

Those are the things that have taken me from being just an affiliate to really having a business I own, control and that financially thrives from profitable online business strategies

2020 & beyond is about getting to the MONEY and I just believe anyone willing to follow a simple formula and create simple systems can make it happen for themselves too.

I've created this platform to help you do that!

*SPECIAL SAVINGS* (Pay in FULL & save $$$ on your enrollment, gain INSTANT lifetime access +  snag a complimentary 1:1 strategy session to kick things off!)
I'm Ready To Enroll!

Steph Perez Helps You CASH IN On You! Welcome to the Party...

If you know you were called for more & know there's knowledge inside of you, you're desiring to finally monetize, you're in the right place.  Allow me to share &  open up opportunities to help you manifest the business inside you, leveraging the wonders of the internet 🤩  ( systems are DOPE!)

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